Project objectives


Main general objectives:

  1. To enhance the quality and relevance of higher education institutions of art and media in the Western Balkan countries and wider.
  2. To build up the capacity of higher education institutions of art and media and computer science in the partner countries and the EU, in particular for international student cooperation in general and on specific artistic work.
  3. To assist students of art and media in opening themselves, their creative ideas up to society at large, to the art and media corporations and to the world in general.
  4. To enhance networking among higher education institutions and students of art and media across the partner countries and EU Member States.
  5. To enhance mutual understanding between peoples and cultures of the partner countries and EU.
  6. Development of partnerships with enterprises in order to establish better connection between professionals and students, better flow of creative ideas and better hands-on experience-based practice for students.     

Main specific objectives:

  1. Connecting universities teaching audio-video art and media production in the Western Balkan region in order to create better creative communication between students.
  2. Improvement in curricula and student cooperation in partner counties through coproduction of audio-video content.
  3. Connecting Western Balkan art and media universities with EU associates.
  4. Connecting theory and practice of art and media – education and media institutions, in order to create better understanding of professional work giving students more opportunity to practice.
  5. Connecting art and media institutions with IT science universities in the region in order to develop mutual understanding and share specific knowledge.   
  6. Creating an independent media communication channel over broadband Internet distribution – a unique student radio and television Internet portal.
  7. Creating and developing a unique On-Line Mentorship program in higher education of art and media, recognized by each partner institution.
  8. Creating and developing a unique common Western Balkan art and media production area free for new and fresh creative ideas.
  9. Establishing a creative point not only for AV art and media students and professionals but also for other students from different arts and media and IT areas.
  10. Defining lasting models of cooperation with non-academic media institutions – broadcasting companies.

These objectives were developed simultaneously but with different points of interest depending on the year of the project.