Project Dissemination and Sustainability

Dissemination is one of the crucial points in longevity of this project. It can be observed from two aspects: local and global.

Local dissemination will be achieved in local student community of the partner country’s university through three major modalities:

  • Live and interactive presentations at university and other art communities, by holding workshops, meetings and visits.
  • Announcements and presentations to public through different media broadcasters, radio and television, newspapers
  • Publishing in printing and electronic form of different leaflets and other students recognised forms of marketing

Global dissemination will target as wider as possible area of student population mainly from art and media background and media partners in the region, but will not be limited to students only but also to professionals and others interested. One modality in achieving global dissemination will be most important:

  • Broadcasting through newly established StudAVP internet portal - unique student’s radio-television widely accessible to everyone. Other ways of internet promotions will be extensively used. This is the strongest modality of promotion and dissemination of the project. 

Dissemination will start from the very beginning of the project implementation with promotional meetings, through partner universities web sites and through social networks. Established Internet web site and later portal platform will be the strongest dissemination tool.

All the non/academic partners in this project are major broadcasting companies in the region, and a large portion of dissemination activities will be done through them. Student population will be able to inform itself about current updates to the project over popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others. World's largest professional network LinkedIn will be used as the global dissemination tool to spread the information about the project to experts. Using LinkedIn, a student may connect with professionals and use their contacts to spread the information about the project.

During the project, a smart phone application will be developed for browsing and broadcasting student production, and this will be another strong dissemination tool available not only to students, but also to general public.

Sustainability is another important aspect of successful implementation of this project.

Every activity must take into consideration sustainability of the project.   That means we have to find most appropriate and economic way of longevity of this project idea. Different protocols on cooperation between universities and broadcasting companies will be signed having in focus continuity of student production and broadcasting over Internet portal. Project marketing and business plans for sustaining student’s Internet AV broadcasting will be develop. Creating contacts with potential benefactors is an important and realistic goal. Finding a new modalities of independent life of this platform and new ways of  cooperation among students of art and media and other creative people will be one of most important goals.